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Mexico City to Tuxtlan G

Another big day but I was feeling so good about putting over 500 miles behind me that I even stopped to take some pictures today. Normally I would say avoid toll roads at all cost but I have to admit the one I took leaving Mex City was fun and had great views. Big sweeping corners and I was on the road at 7ish so there wasn't much traffic yet.

Just east of Mexico City.
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Its going to be a good day.

Looks like a volcano but I dont know if it is. Still just east of Mexico City. Someone chime in if the know.

So I am trying to work on my photography skills and I had a good opportunity at this stop. The reason for this top was unplanned. I really like the picture but why I got these pictures...

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is that I was bombing down the highway at about 85 and could smell a slight burning or melting smell. I went by a truck and it went away. Then a few seconds later a thoomp and total loss of power on the bike. I have enough time to get out the throttle say OH SH*! and I instinctively look in my mirror.

That elminated my worst fear of a major engine issue and I hit the throttle and power is back. My sweet re-pack from the night before was not so sweet. I straped a small dry bag to the top of my top case. It vibrated off and went into the tire. The burning smell was the strap melting at over 6500 RPM and the loss of power was me running over my own bag. I laughed as soon as I saw my stuff flying across the road. Stay tuned I am going to do lots of other dumb stuff on this trip!

The first thing I did was go for my camera but there was an opening in traffic to salvage what I could so no pictures of the carnage. I packed that back with stuff that I wouldn't be heart broken if it dissapeared since it wasn't locked and an easy target for theft.

As I was searching thorugh the grass some guy on an ST went by and beeped at me. Insult to injury!

Guess who I see at the next PEMEX a few KMs down the road. ST dude. His name is Julio and he is from north of Mexico CIty. Is riding to Guat for an enduro race(keeps his KTM 300 there at a friends) then riding home. He is doing this all in about 8 days. He in animal and loves it. Oh and he bought his ST a few days ago. His english is limited and so is my spanish but we make it work and decide to ride together. AWESOME! A fluent wing man.

A cool big bridge.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The two whips! How I wanted an ST for 2 days.

Near the end of a good day.

A great meal with a new amigo to finish it off.

No reason I shouldn't make the border now.
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