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Originally Posted by wsmc831 View Post
Cast/tubeless and it's held air this long, probably fine forever. I've had a couple flaired spots on one bike for the last 70k miles or so.

When was the last time you checked air BEFORE getting the ding?

post pictures?
I checked the pressure before I left this morning, but, was the ding there prior? Hard to say, but, I seriously doubt it. I had gone done a few other back roads today, and the aforementioned spot I hit was the only one I remember being such that I remembered it and made a point to stop.

The link above shows the ding in the rim, but, only on one side. The rim is like that on both sides (although a little bit prominent on the side shown.)

As long as it will get me home safe, I'm fine with it having a little 'flare' - adds character, no?
The journey is the thing.
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