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Green River to ?

Got a quick fried meal and elevated foot rest time to let Tom's throbbing pain settle, wishful thinking. Very thankful he was wearing his big heavy tech 8 dirt bike boots, otherwise trip would have ended here. He decided to leave the boot on during our stop to contain the swelling, otherwise may have been difficult getting it back on and causing even more pain.

The setting sun wasn't going to wait any longer so Tom sucked it up we got back on the bikes, heading west thru central Green River. The town is actually bigger than I had expected.

From here our planned route was to get on US 70 a short distance and join the TAT to ride black dragon canyon, then rejoin the utbdr via buckhorn draw rd. From various TAT ride reports I've read, the Black dragon wash looks like a real hoot if you like sand, but with a little common sense applied we decided to take the easier route option today.

We drove west on US 70 for a couple miles then took US 191 north. Then turned off onto CR-1029 after about a mile. This was a nice graded road for a while, then turned into more or less a powerline type road. The track basically parallels US 191 in a longer way going north into Wellington. We briefly discussed dumping onto the hwy to shorten the route, but adrenaline was taking over and we were having too much fun.

Apparently this leg was part of the old Spanish trail trade route linking New Mexico and Cali.

the numerous washes were still wet and muddy, so extra precaution was taken

We pulled into Wellington around 6:45pm and headed to a gas station on hwy 191 to discuss route options. The planned route continues north east on nine mile canyon rd then heads into some remote back country. We had less than an hour of light remaining. Not really wanting to stay in one of the Wellington box hotels, I suggested an speeder alternative to keep going north and lay up in a fancy timeshare I had access to near Midway. Provide a medical layover and opportunity to take a soak. Tom said that works for him.

I had loaded BigDog and DingWeed's Mexico to Canada track on my Montana just in case, and noticed an interesting track section that cut north thru Uinta NF then Uintah/Ouray reservation and past Solider Creek Reservoir. This was a direct and the shortest route to the town of Midway. We could rejoin and t-bone the UTBDR the next day by simply going east.

So we got back on US 191 north then turned onto US 6 north heading towards Solider Meadow. The track started just before Solider Meadow, on Right Fork rd. It was dark now, and cool so stopped to put on layers and zip up the vents. For the most part the next section was an unimproved forest road. We road side by side to maximize our lighting. The 690r had upgraded lighting (2 HIDs?) and the factory wr250r beam is pretty good. As we road we could see wildlife darting out of the corners of darkness. At one point I swear I saw a big cat of some sort.

We had an absolute blast riding like this for the next 35 miles, sensory overload.

After a cold section of US 40 highway, we pulled into Midway around 9:30pm and checked into our room. Unfortunately the room was up a flight of stairs, so helped Tom with the gear shuttle.

After boot removal the left foot wasn't looking pretty. Shades of purple and swellng, Ibuprofen time...

Day 3 conclusion 336 miles, 634 total

Next up Idaho border and Bear Lake
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