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While it is happening, I may as well throw in a few photo's just to encourage you to come on down

West out of Blenheim heading to Saint Arnaud on Hy 63

End of day 1 on South Isle, my office for the night, the Reefton Auto Lodge, highly recommended $70pp, m/c friendly, after coming partly down one of my great tar roads of the South, the Buller, lots of photo's heading back on that magic bit of road when I did it in its entiriety last week. But I had problems this day, lack of charging.

On top of the Crowns Head range between Wanaka and Queenstown, stuning views

There is an Air NewZealnd 700/737 in there on its approach to Queenstown.

Airfield very hard to see, I have blown this photo up, look at the topleft 1/4 section, a faint straight line between to lakes is it

Tis me with AFBS

Next view spot about 1/2 a kay down

Not smiling anymore.

The night before at Refeeton I had met 3 Harley riding guys, pleastant people and nice to talk to. Met them again back at the 1st Crowns Ridge view spot, they were loading one of the Hogs into their backup van. Happens to all of us Left them and rode down to the next lookout. Take photo's and as I approach my bike, I hear them coming, it's on a tighting right hander, 1st bike thunders pass and I wave, his mate looks either at me or beyond me to the spectaclular backdrop views, and in an instant realises he has overcooked the corner and is heading straight for the armco and beyond. He slams the front brake on, and because he is lent over, the front tucks under him and high sides him straight towards the armco. I see this happening before me (no more then 5mts away) , all in a split second, but I can still clearly see what is unfolding.
He is projected head first towards the armco(wearing a flimsy unlined open face, boy I look tough helmet) but manages to put his right arm in front of him, then he hits the top edge, which has been built with the bend facing away from the roadside. I see his lower right arm hit and I hear the crack, the impact throws him over the armco in a sommersault(sp) and lands on his bum, then flops over on his right.

I get to him, and thankfully is awake, and sits up. Get him to cradle his arm, then head back to the bike where my mobile is in the tank bag to ring 000. Thankfully the next vehicle is a camper with a nurse on board!!!. She proceeds to comfort him while we ring for help. A chinese couple are next to arrive, followed by his mate, who is panicking, he could'nt even dial 000, tries to take over, is told to chill out, does'nt wont the bike moved, even though it is lying in the top of the apex of the corner, we ignore him and get the mother off the road, by hell they are heavy.

After a while things settle down, and all we can do is wait for the ambo. The guy is OK,, in shock, but not bleeding
Not a nice experinece, very sobbering, and as my Doc says, (Hi Doc AT), no wonder he hates open face helmets, and can now relate why he hates to have to try and rebuild faces.
Note the skid mark.

Time for dinner folks,

TBC, so long as the gods still like me
Keep me searching for a heart of gold, and I'm getting old (Neil Young)
Still homeless, armless and legless,

And proud 7th Day Adventourist
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