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The crap sitting on the bottom is fine, it's settled and it's not going anywhere unless the bike is upside down and bouncing down the road (And if that case I'm not caring about the crap damping). Until that crud gets 'quite deep' it's better there than stirred through the mix by a half arsed attempt to get it out.
(And quite deep crud in the bottom is the same as smells like sewage, not arguing that a real clean there isn't needed).

Use protection (for the sliders ) and frequent oil partial changes are good enough. It's not a race bike where I'd be dicking with the damping to set it up for a particular track.

Not saying your method might not be 'better' but it's like changing engine oil more often than necessary. Yeah, in theory better, but in practice there more chance of making a mistake as well.

(Now where's that asbestos suit).

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