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Originally Posted by BluegrassPicker View Post
Very cool. What did you use to cut the side door?
I used a 1/16" masonry wheel in a 4 1/2" Mikita side grinder. Worked good, a little more gap than I'd like, but I'll seal the gaps eventually, - not much is lost around the door gap. Of course, right after cutting the door out, I dropped the damn thing on the ground, making three pieces from one. I had to epoxy the thing back together.....

Oh yeah, I used a 1/8" masonry drill for hinge screw holes and for the candy thermometer to stick through the top.

My heat deflector/drip catcher is a planter saucer, drilled around the edges and safety wired to hang below the grill pan (which is a Webber 18" ).

We're gonna need a bigger boat...
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