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Weather has been gorgeous and had some time to get some mock-up work done. Some of my friends have been "mocking" me because I've temporarily installed a lot of things instead of saying I'm getting things done. However, I argue that something is temporary unless it's been installed for over a year and hasn't been moved. Right now the lights and bars are in that state while I get some test runs in.

Here is the Aztec8 headlight and blinker, I'm pretty impressed by the light they give off. However the connectors that are provided with the kit are not very sturdy. The plan will be to reconnect and reroute the wires over the winter making sure to shrink tube the connectors to try and keep them from corroding.

Next was the wonky bars. This should have been one of the first things I did with the bike. I pried out the little caps that cover the allen heads, don't really want to put them back, they look so cheap and buggered up. Gave the bars a little rotation here, slight bump there, and one more nudge to get them to what feels like a comfortable position. However, you may notice that the bars are not parallel with the steering head. I could just leave it because it's not that far off but it looks a little funny. I loosened the riser nuts below the head and tried to readjust them. It helped though I think it might need new lower rubber cushions.

The new position of the bars makes it feel like riding an older standard bike or almost a dual sport bike, a bit more up right. Not perfect but better. Hand-guards might be a nice addition. The Heli-bars at full extension are probably more rise than the BikeMaster Daytonas I was considering. They don't give me much room for a mirror may have to do a bar end.

Remember how I'm in a mock up stage? Started checking to make sure that the steering could go from complete left to complete right and found the brackets for the head light will hit the frame of the bike, they will need to be lowered as well as some of the wiring will need to be rerouted so that they don't get pinched and worn. Is there anything that I'm forgetting as I'm working on the lights and bars?

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