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Originally Posted by DR-Zamboni View Post
most recently while on trails with my drz i snapped a throttle cable, and threw my fork tubes out of parallel on a dump. both are pretty simple fixes requiring minimal tools. carrying extra cables is a good idea as i found that its not easy(if not next to impossibe) to swap the return cable for the pull cable on the throttle. Be sure to have a handy set of allens and everything needed to take the tank off to access the guts of the bike. Its a really simple machine, so in reality its not the quantity of tools in your tool bag, its the ones you possess in your skill bag. practice taking the tank on and off, and geting to that pesky carburetor in its tight spot. Then lay out all the tools you used to do that a couple times, and theres everything you need. That and as said above, tire irons and a patch kit. Flats in the woods are the worst.
I'm sure some one out there has a tool kit list for these bikes ?...........where are you
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