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Originally Posted by ggrimes2 View Post
Glad to see You're OK.
Years ago my dad was killed in his truck on the same road I suspect very near where you met Mr. Deer. He collided with a couple of them, lost control and went down the embankment.

I now live in northern NM and had a close call last year up near Silverton, CO after a long day ride. I was following the wife on her Harley near sunset and we needed to get to Durango for the night. Getting late and the sun just going down so the deer start to get active. Three or four deer bounded in front of her so fast wife could not even hit the brakes. I'm hauling hard on the brake lever when three more passed between her bike and mine so close I could have kicked one of them. Made the rest of the trip into town at 30 mph as they were everywhere as the sun went down.

Maybe I'm being a wimp but I now try and plan my rides so I get back to the superslab or find a place to camp at or near sunset if possible because I have had just too many close calls in the past few years. There is no shortage of deer in the northern part of AZ or NM

Sorry to hear about your Dad's demise due to deer...

I do NOT at all think your survival plans are wimpy in any way!

Just common sense to mitigate a very serious danger in whatever way you decide is best.

Especially considering your personal history w/ these pests.

Avoiding night riding, and using the safety in numbers on the Inter-State system is a good choice;

you can always leave the scenic twisties for the daytime hours.
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