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found some help in a previous post by dirtbyk.

Still hoping for someway to crank them out faster though.

Originally Posted by Tethys_Sea

Just got basecamp & city nav. installed on the computer and (hopefully) the city nav. updated into the Garmin Montana 650t.

Have routed a 2 week trip up through Maine and through PEI, NS, & NBrunswick and specific lighthouse coordinates through Google maps, saved each day of the trip

Today, I sit down with basecamp/city nav and attempt to "route out" the same trip so I can transfer the routes into the gps itself. Was able to find my house on city nav...make it a waypoint...great.

Then try to get my friends house in CT where I want to stay the first such luck, citynav doesn't find his apartment building or even find his town (Vernon, CT)...?
Ok, I'll try to find mom's house in Ohio...again no such luck for a house outside of Toledo that has been there for 50 years...??

Humph, well I think, how does one enter in exact lat/long coordinates of a lighthouse for example. Data found on ... easily done on Google maps, can't find where to do that on the Basecamp screen.

Time to start calling:

Called gpscity...the guy on the phone was useless..."call Garmin he says"

Garmin, 1st time guy trys to find mom's house etc. Can't do it, claims that there are bugs between basecamp and city nav. But he assures me that the Montana gps unit itself would navigate me accurately to the house if I punched the address in on it while on the road (can I trust this?)...naturally we get disconnected so I have to call back?

Garmin, 2nd time: different guy doesn't seem to be as knowledgeable as the first, has an associate next to him trying to find mom's house, they can't find, will work on it and email me>>>
...he tells me that to get the exact gps lat/long, I have to zoom in on the basecamp map, and "click" where I believe the point (in this case a lighthouse) to be and than create the waypoint that way.
...he sez that I can't take the google maps route and transfer them to the gps, I would have to use google Earth, import the .kml files and I should see the waypoints on Basecamp... I try this and it doesn't seem to work. Just see my house start point, no friends apt. in CT, nor the campground end waypoint in Harrington, ME.

Sorry to be long winded, but does anybody know the easiest way to take a google map route(s) and get them into a garmin gps? Am I completely missing something with Basecamp/City Nav. that the Garmin guys didn't alert me to? So far I am not impressed with this garmin software and route/trip building etc. And customer service doesn't seem to be too knowledgeable either, except they acknowledge that there is a problem between base camp and city nav.

Frustration is building.

Any help or ideas???


On a Windows computer, to enter Lat/Lon for a location in BaseCamp:

Select VIEW->RECENTER MAP TO..., enter your coordinates.

Address Search in BaseCamp is a bit wankers and is getting some attention in v4.0 but until then you want to enter as little data as possible in your search criteria to get started.

By the way, the HELP files in BaseCamp provide adequate information to do the basic tasks. You might give them a try.

Dan Townsley - Guide/Partner
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