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Ok regarding the fuel range. I think I may have over estimated.........

I just got the tracks done from Moab to Hite. The longest leg from the outpost to Hite is 113 miles. Add in range to explore the ruins, reserve etc and I think we will need 150 miles and that will be pretty conservative. Hopefully that will help some people out if they were on the fence about range.

Just a little more info on how I envisioned the days for riding.

-Day one will be about about +- 80 miles from Moab to Ruin Park. Most of the riding is pretty fast and open with the exception of Elephant Hill and area through Canyonlands going into Beef Basin and Ruin Park. This area has a few difficult obstacles and the riding in general is more demanding for about 8-10 miles. I would like to leave Moab no later then 8am and get to the camping spot by about 2-3pm. This will leave plenty of time for people to explore and get some good riding in with the bikes unloaded around beef basin.

-Day two will be the longest day probably 150-170 miles (still working on the complete track) and I think it will be a full 8-10 hours of riding to get into the Swell. All this will be pretty easy riding with amazing scenery. The longest leg to gas will be about 120 miles.

-Day three can be challenging or a mild ride back to Moab depending on what people want and here it would be easy to split into two groups. From the Swell to Green River it is fast graded county roads, sit back and relax kind of riding. Once in Green River we can ride single track through the Dubinky area for an ass kicker finish or stay to to the county roads. Longest leg to gas will be around 80-100 miles.

If people are up to a good day of single track we can unload all the camping gear from the bikes at the Swell and my wife can haul the gear and meet us in Moab.

Hopefully that helps with the range questions.
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