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Loggers Lake Got Blocked By Logs...

It was December 1st, 2012 and the temp was gpoing tp be in the upper 60's- 70 degrees! This called for one last camping trip for the year. After putting out the invite, this is an RV, and Big Dog said that Loggers Lake would make a great destination. Big Dog was out early on Friday heading down South, (lucky Dog!). I got up Early on Sat. and headed down South on Hwy 21...

I cut West at Old Mines and ran across this group of log cabins and brick oven looking things. It appears like they must have period style campouts here from the looks of things. This is the first time I have been here..

From Old Mines, I cut West thru Barryman and the Huzzah area and further South towards Viburnum. I heard something scrapping the ground as I pulled into Viburnam so I pulled over here to pull off the ramains of my left hiway peg. ( The right peg is out on top of the Smoky mountains on a VERY slick ice patch) Thats another story.

I met this is an RV, Sorry, I'm bad at names, and Yard dog at Bixbys for lunch. Yard dog was on his wing and meeting a few of his friends.
After a good meal, me and R.V headed out past Chicken mans place and cut over towards 72 and South bound. A little side trip towards Suttens Bluff took us by what I think was Cook Springs. There use to be a pavillin here, but like most good things left out alone, it burned down. Now it is just a old chimminy and a neat spring in the hillside.

Here is the low water bridge at Suttons Bluff Campground...

They put alot of money into this campground. lots of asphalt to make easier for the big RV's and travel trailers to get out there. I wish they would have left it alone.....
Next we headed over to Bunker. As we entered town, there was a smoldering remains of a house fire. After I returned home, I saw on the news that a couple of kids were killed in that fire. So sad...
As we rode down the hill towards Loggers lake, we came across a tree that had fallen across the road. Being the adventurous riders that we are, we made quick work of dodging around it, Then another downed tree that obviously had been cut down over the road! WTF?? Under that tree....Over the next set of trees and then we see it. 3 big boulders more downed trees and this sign...

Sooo, back over, under and around all of the trees to regroup at the top of the hill. There we find that we had passed another identical sign ...Oops
By now, This is an RV had had his fill of diapointment and made the wise decision to call it a day. I on the other hand was not so smart. After meeting one of Big Dogs riding buds. (again, Im bad at names) we decide to wait for Big Dog at the entrance to the tree obstical coarse. While we wait, I have a 3rd look down the tree gauntlet. There must be a way past!!! What would Big Dog Do?? What Kevin did was catch his new Wolfman bag on the last tree to freedom, which promptly wound up and sent me flying!

Big Dog finally showed up around sunset. Too dark to sneak through the woods. We decide to head towards Freemans off road park to try to find a spot to pitch a tent. We follow Big Dogs ULTRA BRIGHT LED lights to find that the Offroad park is empty. Not a soul around....Mark and his riding buddy decide to take their chances and stay the night. I was nor so brave. I had had enought for one day. I gave up and hit the "GO HOME" button. 2 hours later, I was taking a hot shower and thinking about how great December started!
I am really looking forward to BigDogs Ride report. He has been out several days now exploring the area.I really like this global warming stuff! Maybe We can have a January campout.
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