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Alright, i got a few questions for you XT and TT guys on here. i dont have a XT or a TT but i building a hybrid of sorts, im building a yfm350 (warrior) motor and using a XT head, i know its not a direct fit and will take a crap load of modifying to fit, thats not what my question is. i have two actually and they are as follows.

1. Can you get oversized valves for these motors? this head i have has bent intake valves and was hoping to oversize them.

2. can you get i higher then 9.2:1 compression? because thats the highest comp ive found, i was hoping for a 11:1 or maybe even a 12:1 which would put this 374cc hybrid to about 12.9:1 which is about the comp im wanting to run. (plan on running 110 VP race fuel and a single carb)

any help would be awesome!

BTW my names Weston, nice to meet the inmates.
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