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During this whole project, I found myself getting burnt out on more than one occasion. Several times I had to just switch projects or simply wander off to find something else to do. I took some old copper sheet that Dan's neighbor, Don, had lying around and used it to add some details to Janis. The fender brace got a nice accent, and the wedge-shaped chunks that I used to extend my upper fairing were clad in weathered and beaten copper, giving it a pretty cool look.

I also went in and fucked with my wiring a bit. A dashboard was fabbed up from an old alumimum dental tray and Dan created a really cool mount setup that attached it to the fairing mounts. This allowed me to simply remove one bolt and tilt the dash up and out of the way, giving me access to the wiring behind. A fresh hot lead was run up behind the dash and I wired in a few relays to the headlight. One for high beam, one for low. This gave direct battery power to the bulb and greatly increased its brightness. With the stock wiring, I was losing a little over a volt at the headlight. This solved that. I also installed a fan bypass switch, a set of heated hand grips complete with dimmable indicator light, and a digital volt meter courtesy of RaceTech Electric. I'm riding in style, now.

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