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That's pretty much it. A simple re-assembly went fairly easily. I had to adjust the rubber tank bumpers a bit to compensate for the additional thickness of the sleeves, and I've gone in a couple of times since to clean up the wiring. The only real problem I had was when it came time to install the aluminum skid plate. The front lower gussets ran too high, preventing me from being able to use the supplied U-bolt. When I brought this to Dan's attention, he just laughed and said he was glad. It seemed to be annoying him that everything was going so smoothly, and he had just been waiting for something to go awry. Well, here it is. a simple fix, however. I threaded two bolts through the front mounting holes of the skidplate and snugged down a couple of 1" long nuts on the other side. I ground an angle on either end and just welded the nuts right to the beefed up gussets. Fill around it with plenty of weld, grind to shape, and paint. Job done. Fuck you, Dan.

One other thing I wanted to add onto here regarding the skidplate is the addition of a cutting board that we glued to the bottom. My problem with the skidplate that I had before was that whenever I would bottom our or highside on any rock, the hardware would get mangled. This prevented me from really being able to extract them at all. I tossed the idea to Dan and he went to town, using a $7 Wal-Mart nylon cutting board for his material. Bent to shape and secured with low profile screws, this allowed the skidplate mounting bolts to be resessed below the surface of the nylon. Now, whenever I high side it, I should just slide right along the nylon and NOT mangle the bolts. It's worked well so far.

Anyway, that's where I'm at right about now. A few other adjustments were made to the luggage and a freshly rebuilt Ricor Inertia Shock smoothed the ride right out. I had very few issues on my test rides, short of a loose connection and a few suspension bolts that needed to be snugged after a handful of shakedown runs from Four Peaks outside of Phoenix all the way down to a Hooligan run through Tijuana and into the mountains. I'm pleased with how this has all come out, but I will say this. For the time and effort involved, this was one of the most anticlimactic projects I've ever undergone. I was left with a bike that looked completely identical to the bike I rolled in on nearly a month before. Bigger, stronger, fa.... er... heavier.....

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