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Originally Posted by BobbyLee666 View Post
Interesting top case arrangement you have there.

The Pelican case on top is only for the camera and its gear. I assured my girl that the camera would be more than safe. I also have a nice looking 46L top case, but its in too good of condition to mess with. This is the smaller top case thats a bit beat up on the outside, but not the inside. So I took and bolted the Pelican case to the top of the top case, since there isn't any other practical place for it. It also serves the purpose of a better back rest. Since this top case is shorter than the bigger one, it hits my girls back at a rather low spot. After doing 900 miles so informed me.... "you mounted this Pelican case in the right spot." Since its some what further back, it acts as a sort of lazy boy recliner for her. It would have been way too uncomfortable if it was mounted flush. Yes it adds about 25 lbs to the top, but after putting another person back there I really don't notice it.
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