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So... that's it. It took just under three weeks of daily work to get this done. Everything on Janis is now practically new, except for the engine and the plastics.

I want to thank:

Dan and his wife Cindy for taking me in during this whole project. It was quite involved, but we had a blast hanging out, listening to music, exchanging ideas, and downing a beer or two. I benefited greatly from his mentality and wisdom, and it means a lot to me that, at the end of this project, he was able to stand back and just look at the finished product. He was quiet, with a beer in his hand. I waited for him to find something wrong, but instead he just nodded and said "Looks good. That's how I'd have done it." Thanks, Dan.

DaFoole for the sharing of HIS wisdom and old biker stories. I had a place to stay, some awesome meals, and a great atmosphere to wrench. I'm glad I could help him get his fleet going, but I still feel greatly in debt. I gotta buy him a beer... or somethin.

Beechum, for networking me into some employment. The timing was perfect, and the paycheck is just what I needed to get this project off to a start. He also took me on a HELL of a shakedown in Tijuana. Highway speeds down center medians, popping wheelies over discarded couches, getting airborne of bridge berms, and slaloming through road signs and downed fences. What. A. Ride.

And, of course, every random person that wandered into the garage with a beer in their hand, waiting to offer advice, service, or just moral support. Walker, 'Lil Bill, Joe, Jeremy, Paul..... and Don.

Any way, this is the approach I took to a problem I had. I've spoken with a few people and I seem to have made more than one leery about the KLR. I'm gonna say this, though: The problems that I had are rare. They HAVE happened, but in all my research, I can only think of less than a dozen. In the MILLIONS of KLRs out there. Look your bike over, but don't feel it necessary to do what I did. Janis has lived a hard life, and I'm incredibly impressed with how she's performed and the fun I've had. I definitely got my money's worth.

If anyone has any questions or comments, shoot. I'm not looking to get this pinned or turned into a guide, I'm just trying to get your creative juices flowing. If I can help in any way with anyone's projects, I'd be glad to.

Now I just need a new engine...
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