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Ive run 4 rear 705s and 2 fronts on my 650 Strom. New, theyt are great.On road, off and wet roads . However, I have not been abvle to reach the 5k mark on the rear tire no matrtrer how or where I ride. One the other hand, the 705 front is my favorite tire on the market. It bites as well as any other tire out there. A 705 on the rear tends to flat spot in the center very quickly. These tires used to be the best kept secret due their very affordavble price BUT as many are noticing, Shinko is slowly creeping the price up. Now, its just not economicaly sound for me to run the 705 on the rear because it will only last me 8 weeks, The best combo ive found for the Strom is the 705 radial up front anf the Anakee 2 on the rear. Anakee 2s are awesome performing tire in every condition and the mileage is next to none...and theyre affordable. Ive read several posts and reports about 705s delaminating or chunking but like I said previously, Ive run 4 of these tires and I have never had anything like delaminating occur. these tires were around $65 for a rear but shinko spiked them up to $80 now. It will be $100 tire very soon. They are nylon ply tires where Michelin and Metzler for instance dont use nylon...they use something like "Aramid" plys. I think the nylon is what makes the 705 more affordable and wear out so fast. Overall, these tires are great....they do everything good and for off roading, running 18psi will give suprisingly grear traction.
ARAMID is another name for Kevlar which is used in several brands of super expensive jeans as well as some bullet proof vests. It has hundreds of uses and it's extremely strong in tensile use. It would therefore work well in tires as it would keep the tire in shape and therefore help to keep temperature in check (says me the armchair professor). I've heard good reports on the E705's. Were your 705's prefixed with " E "? I run Anakee 2 and am most satisfied with grip and milage.

You are very lucky with cheap tires in the US. Here in OZ most brand of rears cost on average AU$190-250, some are a little more. I have seen TKC90's once at $309 for rear only!!!
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