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Originally Posted by England-Kev View Post
I have a plastic cover, I wonder does it serve a usefull purpose, or is it just a vanity cover to hide the generator? is it worth fitting full stop?

Thanks for the tip on the fork oil, I will go for a heavier weight when I do them, it won't be today though, as it is -6 here this morning, with a heavy frost, s it is a morning for hot coffee, and a little computer motorcycling

Are there any tips on setting up the clutch side of things, as I find it hard to select first gear, and all gear changes are at best very clunky I hope I don't have to pull the back end apart just yet.
The generator cover is really just hiding the ugly bits from view. Mine has been without for most of the last 15 years.

Greg Bender has a section on clutch adjustment that may prove helpful:
The 4 spd. is known for clunky changes, but with time and practice you'll get better.
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