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Originally Posted by RandoCommando View Post
So a KLR engine for sale in the flea market.
It was like $450 or best offer.
Then changed to BEST OFFER.
Even has video of the engine running.
If I find the link, I'll post it here as an edit.

Here it is
I need an engine that can be upgraded with a big bore kit. I was aiming for a mid to upper 90's engine. Anything before a 96 can't be upgraded, which is why I didn't keep the engine that came with that '94 Donor bike. The engine that I've got now still has a strong bottom end. There is nothing in there that makes me thing I couldn't get several more YEARS out of that bottom end. As for the top end, I just keep wearing them out. Valves, sleeves, pistons. But all this is talk unless I've got the cash to wave around.

Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
I would have cut the frame clean thru where the other frame broke, drilled the factory frame for plug welds and stuffed full tubes inside the existing tubes, shoved it all back together and welded it up. What you did will definitely help, just another way to skin a cat.

It's about $800 in parts to fully rebuild a KLR engine, new bearings and a 685 kit. 16 hours labor. Something to shoot for.

Nice work on your project!!

I considered that, but I would have been all in at that point. If you cut the frame, you're halfway to a V-twin swap already. I just can't open that can of worms..... yet.

Originally Posted by sunset_ryder View Post
I was just thinking ~
This thread needs more Alex
Why Hellooooo....
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