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Originally Posted by Donkey Hotey View Post

I have to question how many he can sell if it's a generic body kit without model-specific mounts or wheel cutouts. I could adapt or fabricate just about anything but, not everybody has that ability. Installing a Windjammer (with the kit) was sometimes beyond the skills of the average owner.

The Windjammer went somewhere because a bazillion people had the CB750 and he made a mount for it. That made the Z1, Gold Wing, BMW and Guzzi mounts possible. At VERY least, he would need a kit to fit all the Helix scooters out there...or one (or more) of the other mondo-scooters. There HAS to be a specific model for this kit or it just won't fly.
Well, it has also been applied to a 250 Ninja. So it doesn't HAVE to be model or make specific. That was the point in making it adaptable
to other bikes. I intend to get a kit (or 2) for one (or 2) of my Honda Reflex scooters. And you are right to a certain degree that it will take
more than just "bolt on" skills to mount it. But I think the thing that may stifle sales is the initial price he has tentatively proposed. In a
letter to him (not yet sent because I'm still working on it) I point this out. And the fact that the "kit" will cost as much or more than what
I already paid for some of my scooters. (granted, I got them off of ebay, but still, several $$$ for sure) Recouping that cost on fuel savings
would take a VERY long time. (if ever) But it would represent ownership in a piece of motorcycling history and may prove (in time) of value
to some collectors. (maybe) That could be if it turns out to be somewhat of a limited production run. (likely IMO) Large scale production
runs with simpler "bolt on" ability to several kinds of bikes would probably have wider appeal, much like the Windjammer. but I don't think
that is what he has in mind. He has stated on the website that he has taken the design as far as he is going to. Still, it is so different than
anything else out there, a real head turner. I'm in.
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