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Originally Posted by MrBob View Post
Your handlebars are Heli Bars and sell new for close to 400.00. If you don't want them, clean em up and they will sell in no time. When I bought my 2004 B-12 it was the first mod I made and a taller windshield the second.
They are remarkable bikes with bulletproof engines. Before you spend a lot of money on farkles I'd encourage you to get a good look at the cams and inspect for scoring or flaking. They were a known weak spot. Otherwise, these bikes are reliable and will run forever.
I traveled from St. Paul, MN to the tip of Newfoundland on mine and it never missed a beat.
I'm pretty sure you're right about the HeliBars, I never expected to see something like that on a bike that had been so neglected. Now that I have them adjusted for my fit, I love them! Between those and my grips, I have no buzzing like Bandits are known to do. Still wanting to sort out a lot of little things before I cleanup and repaint them.

I won't be spending a ton of money on the bike, the next thing will probably be carb and cam inspection to make sure it's running smooth. I also don't think that I'll be touring to Newfoundland on it. Even though it's a blast to drive without the fairing, I can't get above 55 for a whole day of riding. That wears me out! Maybe I can find a touring windshield some where over the winter.
2002 Bandit 2002 Rebuild
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