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Originally Posted by khager View Post
I see your point and do agree that cages have more lateral grip, and the penalty is not as high.

I am basically saying since the average cage is 6' wide and the average bike 2', the bike has 8' to play with in a 10' wide lane where as the cage has 4' and the bike can therefore use that space to straighten the corners a little, which is what the cage wants to do, but can't without coming out of his lane, so he has to stay pretty much on a fixed track.

So with that in mind I am saying the bike can carry more speed into and thru the corner. My opinion of course!
I read a 'shootout' in a moto journal years ago putting a then current sportbike up against, IIRC, a Corvette. The bike won the braking, acceleration (OK, physicists out there - it won just acceleration) but the 'vette had the corners.

I find it tough to believe that today's street legal automobiles would prevail over the hottest street legal bikes, though.
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