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I read a 'shootout' in a moto journal years ago putting a then current sportbike up against, IIRC, a Corvette. The bike won the braking, acceleration (OK, physicists out there - it won just acceleration) but the 'vette had the corners.

I find it tough to believe that today's street legal automobiles would prevail over the hottest street legal bikes, though.
I remember the one (although I'm sure there have been several) FZR1000 against Corvette. I recall the details differently however. Bike out-accelerated, out-slalomed and possibly out-braked the car in a straight line. Car had a slight edge in continuous circling (G-force cornering) and theoretically had a higher top speed, although I think they indicated it would take the 'vette more than five miles to catch the bike if they took off together on a straight road. The thing I recall most however, was that, at the end of a weekend of testing, the car had gone through two sets of tires and brakes, the clutch was shot and it was sounding generally rough. The bike, however, was fine.

When you start talking about track vehicles, cars can pull higher G's in corners, which makes up for their wider track on most courses. Top Gear have done a couple of bike v's car shoot-outs with mixed results but usually favoring the car. Here's one:
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