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Originally Posted by LostViking View Post
Ohlins, should do the trick for you with regard to suspension.
I bet it would ;) But if money was unlimited I wouldn't have even asked the question. If I'm spending $15K on a new bike I will not be upgrading stock parts for quite some time.

Originally Posted by David R
I can drag the left peg on my RT. I cannot drag any peg on this bike. The back tire is huge and to get to the edge takes some really sharp curves or a bigger set of balls than I have. I think for on the street you will not find its limits.

I feel the rear spring needs to be stiffer. I weigh 200 lbs. I will probably have the rear spring replaced this winter. I think the front spring and both shocks are fine.

Mention shocks on a BMW board and you will be told they last 30,000 then you need Ohlins. I disagree. My RT still has original shocks. Front spring was replaced. Rear is showing signs of wearing out. Ohlins are not the only shock.

On the R1200R No adjustments in the front, rear is adjustable for preload and rebound. I find the ride to be excellent for me or two up. I do not like my bike beating the crap out of me.
Thanks for the info. Tire size is the same as on my CBR600 and I had no problems getting on the edges on the street. I understand this is no supersport though.
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