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Originally Posted by KWC View Post
I have seen a number of bikes with pulsating headlights and pulsating brake lights. I hate this, as when you see a bike with pulsating headlights coming at you the first thought is that it is an emergency vehicle.

And this is bad why? At least they noticed you

Regular headlights work so why try to tweak it.

They don't work for shit...people look right past a single motorcycle headlight. I put headlight modulators on all the bikes about 5 years ago....I ride about 30k a year and literally have not had ONE PERSON turn left in front of me or pull out of a driveway or sidestreet since installing and it used to happen all the time.
Pulsing or bright lights are like loud pipes. They create hostility against us. It's impossible to quantify, of course, but one has to wonder how many aggressive or discourtesies have been done to us because cagers were angry at being blinded by these nasty lights or deafened by loud pipes.

Personally speaking, I have to hold it in when I hear those loud bikes or am blinded by bright or pulsing lights and I'm a lifetime rider. It's hardly a stretch that a non-rider won't hold it in.
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