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.....the most I've ever seen is someone go for the mirror if I am behind them...if I see that I switch to low beam and shut the modulator off. Even if they are annoyed, AT LEAST THEY KNOW there is a motorcycle behind them and may glance back before making a sudden stop or changing lanes.

I have never experienced one pissed off cager doing anything aggressive to me as a result of the modulator. The most I've had is folks occasionally leaning out the window at a light asking me if there is something wrong with my headlight.

I'm pretty sure my high beam, oscillating between 80 and 100% which is what the Kisan does has never blinded anyone, as it only works during daylight hours and shuts off automatically at dusk with a photocell.

What can I tell you, having the odd cager pissed off (as you claim) sure beats the hell out of all the crap that used to happen when no one could see me.
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