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Originally Posted by loui€ View Post
hello scott!

Please, can you correct real sizes and weights to your web-shop site (or here), or are all the batteries same size and weights (16 oz)?
I prefer metric, ie. Mm and gramms...

hi louie...i see what you are saying it looks like the 12-cell doesn't have correct weight
...sorry we didn't catch that it is our new shopping cart. I will try to correct this over the next day or so.

i'm very much interested in 12 or 16 cell version, for my ktm 990 adve.

this need to be done in metric on the site it's in inches and we will correct... But the 16 cell will not fit unless layed on its side which requires some extra work. They 12-cell would be good but if you ride in cold or have extra accessories the 16 is better. The stock battery location for the adv just doesn't have alot of room because they use a ytz14 which is a low battery.

1. What is the difference between
'the antigravity 12-cell : [b][size=2]2.3 lbs (about 1043g) ' and 'antigravity batteries ag1201 :

16-cell is 1 inch taller.... 5.25" about 130mm, but has all the same dimensions for width and length. 16-cell weighs 12 oz. More about 340 grams more.

2. What is the real ah in 12 cell and 16 cell (not the pb eq)
(i mean to drain out with camping ligts, eg., not starting the engine)

real ah is 7 for the 12-cell and 9.5 for the 16 cell.... Keep in mind these are not good for powering camping lights due to human error... Yes they would do better than any battery but if you fall asleep and overdischarge the battery is will be ruined. Great for starter batteries not great if you have something where human error can ruin the battery quickly. I use them myself for powering everything from my camping stuff, to camera flashes to radios to our toys..-----but----- we don't warranty for any use but in standard charging systems in motorsports vehicles. Better to use a less expensive battery for stuff like this... Its to easy to forget to turn something off

3. I've heard, that these batteries can't be charged with a normal lead-battery-charger but only with antigravity special one?
If so, why? (normally of course, bike will charge it...)

you do not have to use an antigravity charger but you do have to use a lifepo4 lithium battery charger that charges to no more than 14.6v and within the correct amp charge rate. The reason is because lead/acid charger are often charging for a battery that has natural discharge like lead acid. They also go into modes like desulfination and other modes that will damage lithium batteries. Also after a charge they continue with a milliamp charge rate that over charges lithium... Vehicle and lithium chargers only charge to a certain point then stop. Lithium does not do well with over charge and it ruins the batteries quickly.


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