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Originally Posted by YOUNZ View Post
All things considered, cost, complexity, reliability, frequency of use, universality, etc, it seems a well designed electric motor assist for reverse and sidecar power is the best compromise for on and off road. Emphasis on well designed!
Howdy YOUNZ,

Just my opinion and we all know what opinions are worth, compared to the SIMPLE mechanical reverse and two wheel drive already built into the Ural, I fail to understand how adding something like a electric reverse and two wheel drive would be practical.

Adding electrical components will only increase the chance of something going wrong when you need it most. Wires get cut or smashed, motors burn out, connections get dirty or corrode, you would have to have some sort of speed control, all these things would add complexity. Again like I said just my opinion.

One of the things I like most about the Ural is its over all SIMPLICITY, it just works and if it doesn't work its easy to fix.
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