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Need Help.....Auto Clutch adjustment and questions

Need some help with an automatic clutch question. I bought a Revloc Dyna Ring automatic clutch for my '01 WR426F before Revloc went out of business because Rekluse didn't make one for this bike at the time. I used it successfully for about a year but started experiencing what I think is "slippage" during a race back in July (2012). the slip only happens in 5th gear.

figuring it was probably time to replace the friction disks, I bought new ones from Rekluse. Even though they're listed as fitting WR450 models, I was assured they would be suitable for the 426. honestly, I don't know if there's much, if any difference, in clutch components between the two that the 450 disks wouldn't fit the 426, so I installed them. however, the slippage is still occurring in 5th gear only at speeds higher than 50mph only when going up slight inclines or steep hills. btw, I'm hitting those speeds on roads, not trails. the bike is plated and there aren't any trails in my area where you can hit 50+ for any significan't length of time to worry about slippage in 5th gear.

the instructions for the auto clutch install said to remove the judder spring and spring seat before installing the new clutch pack starting with a friction disk and alternating with steel, and adding the auto clutch "ring" in the center of the pack as you work outward.

would removal of the judder spring/spring seat possibly cause the "slippage" I'm experiencing? Is there anything else I should consider?

thx in advance
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