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Originally Posted by madeouttaglass View Post
Really? I'd be interested to see their Urals. Every one I've ever seen (including my own) has a driveshaft straight off the rear end to the axle stub on the sidecar. I'd like to know where their gear reduction is hidden.
When I said 'no differential' I really meant 'no limited slip'. It obviously has a differential, but both wheels are locked together all the time, therefore one wheel MUST BE SLIPPING (losing traction) ALL THE TIME to avoid driving in a circle or blowing the tranny/differential. This is NOT bad, it just means you need to be on really slippery stuff before engaging the 2wd. For example, it would not use it on 'normal' dirt roads...

I'll be happy to show you where the reduction is hidden:

The part of the rear differential outlined in red is NOT on the 1 wheel drive differential. This is where the gear reduction occurs, simply by having a different number of teeth on the bevel gear that drives the sidecar wheel than on the bevel gear the drives the bike's rear wheel.

To be more specific, the circled gear is what causes the reduction. The gears pictured above are inside the case circled in the first photo. The circled gear drives off of the pictured ring gear in the Ural's differential, and indexes into the sidecar's drive shaft. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with the gearing of the bike's wheel.

In theory, you could have a custom one of these made, with more teeth, to make a 1:1 drive ratio of the bike wheel to sidecar wheel, but I have never seen this done. I imagine it is because it would be impossible to turn your rig with both wheels driving and gripping on pavement...

I'm NOT bashing 2wd. If I had the extra money at the time that I bought my Ural, I would have bought 2wd. I didnt have the extra cash at the time, so I bought 1wd. I'm just saying that I'm very happy with my bike, and do not think that I would NEED to use 2wd if I had it.

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