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I see your point and do agree that cages have more lateral grip, and the penalty is not as high.

I am basically saying since the average cage is 6' wide and the average bike 2', the bike has 8' to play with in a 10' wide lane where as the cage has 4' and the bike can therefore use that space to straighten the corners a little, which is what the cage wants to do, but can't without coming out of his lane, so he has to stay pretty much on a fixed track.

So with that in mind I am saying the bike can carry more speed into and thru the corner. My opinion of course!
The bike can take a better line for sure in the corners in the lane on the bike you can late apex and start opening the radius up and standing it up to drive down the next straight away. It also some corners that are slightly decreasing radius for a car might end up being constant radius for you. Not to mention if you've got a bit of road with a bunch of left right kinks you can end up just keeping the bike more or less straight through them just switching which side of your lane on your compared to the car moving the car around allot.

I think the car would have a faster corner speed most of the time though, by that I mean in the slowest part of the corner the car would be going faster then the bike at it's slowest part of the corner, just the ability for the bike to use it's acceleration could make it faster.

The other thing you need to think about when comparing bikes to race cars is aero grip. F1 cars can easily do 4 to 5 g's under braking and in the corners at speed. Bikes don't get any more grip as they go faster.

For comparison Ferrari set an unoffical lap record at Laguna Seca of 1:05.7, motogp bikes where lapping around 1:21.

The tires make a huge difference too most car tires are going to be hard pressed to do more than about .95g and all seasons aren't going to do more than .85 or so some of the really stick summer tires and obviously race tires will start pushing it over 1g. Bikes basically always have race tires on them when compared to normal car tires.

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