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Originally Posted by Mikef5000 View Post

It's amazing how the laughingstock of the off-road community for over a dacade is still (7 years and counting I believe) the #1 best selling dual-puropose bike in the USA.

Where's that book about the guy riding around the world on his KTM and having less issues than this guy on his KLR?

For everyday tasks, a Civic will do better than a Lambo, plus it costs less and they sell 10 times more. Would you argue that the Civic is the laughing stock of the car world?

Except, son, a KTM is not a Lambo. Not even close.

Nowadays, a KTM is like an Acura. But you "head in the sand, sky is falling" types will never (thankfully) realize that. You deserve to ride the fattest, slowest, ugliest bitch on the fireroad.

And a KLR was never in Civic territory. More like a Yugo. A Civic you can successfully upgrade.

I entered this conversation on a civil note, but when you double-digit IQ types start with the lies and misconceptions about KTMs, it tends to draw my ire.

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