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Still Not Dead Yet

Heading this way, when as far as I can remember the truck in front of me turns right.

A woman coming the other way decided she was going to make a left without having any idea what might be behind that truck.

As the truck is clearing the intersection and my path, all I can see is the woman in her SUV turning directly in front of me.

I apparently launched over the SUV and landing somewhere on the other side. The bike's front wheel and fork where embedded in the side of the SUV. I was pretty much unconcious till I heard the paramedics arriving. They strapped me to a board and took me to the emergency room. I had pain in my groin, probably from riding up and over the tank, so I was given a pelvic x-ray. I also was given a CAT scan of my brain due to me being unconscious and having a concussion. Both the x-rays and CAT scan where negative. No broken bones, no bleeding brain, no internal injuries, so I was released. No work today though, and probably not tomorrow either.
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