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Using the same sort of computerized technology that determines how much fuel to feed our vehicles' engines could the same thing be used to automatically feed NOS into engines to compensate for altitude and temperature?

It would be awesome to have the same performance at 14,000' as we have at sea level.

The only NOS system I ever dealt with was one we put on an outlaw figure-8 car. It was turned on via a button on the steering wheel and triggered with a microswitch fitted to the carb linkage. About the only way you could control it was to adjust where it came on in conjuction with throttle opening and what jets were put into it. Stone ax simple!! Unfortunately it was also pretty uncontrollable to drive and according to the driver it was kind of like letting go of an inflated ballon--at least until the head gaskets got blown out a few laps later.

My thinking is that computer control of NOS might eliminate some of it's liabilities and might make it usable for altitude compensation. There again my experience with it was a total of about one day so I really don't know all that much about it. Fascinating stuff, though and it really makes power!!
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