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Originally Posted by High Country Herb View Post
When I ran 80/20 dual sport tires on my XL600, I just used hand pressure to set the tires. For the street, I would air them up to the point that I could no longer deform them with my hands, and for the dirt I set them so I could squeeze them about 1 cm. Real scientific, huh? I'm guessing I was in the 23-25 psi range for dirt, and they still felt safe on pavement (no need to air up before heading home).

Have you seen the new Metzler Karroo 3? A bit more aggressive than other DS tires, and might be a good next set for you.
25psi is really high for dirt..

again just depends on what works and what tires those pressures worked for you

I like 14psi fornt and back on my xr600

sometimes even go lower like 10-12 outback

on my klr I used to run about 20 back and 18 front and I always carry bicycle double action pump to quickly air up for street IF I FEEL LIKE IT! jajajaja
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