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2K lower might be a conservative estimate!

I let her sink to 30 MPH today in 6th on a country road. Rolled on the throttle and it pulled hard enough to skip the speedo from 31-34-36-40-44 and right on up to 60. The flexibility of the powerband is remarkable.

Me preference would have had this engine pulling as it does down low with a kick at 7-8k to a 45-50 HP shriek but it is what it is, and for regular sport street riding it works just fine.

I'm told by my new Tiawanese racer buddy that the 250 FI needs valves, springs and an ECU to make regular trips to 16k safe and reliable. This might just interest me enough to bump the rev ceiling up and get that top end wail I'd like. I gotta see what the new tuners will do to it first. I've been hearing Kawi left alot of meat on the table to be unlocked with custom tunes.
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