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Originally Posted by ibafran View Post
Long ago, some boy scouts wanted to have storm-proof, extra large backpacks for staying in the backcountry longer. They took some ordinary pack frames and mounted large, tough, plastic kitchen garbage containers to them. Not the round containers but the squarish ones. These things pre-dated tupperware with the snap on lids. The scouts just threw a piece of oilcloth over the top opening with a turn of rope to keep it there.
Sometime later, I saw bicycle pannier baskets that folded flat against the bicycle when not needed. With that idea, I wondered what it would take to craft such baskets to accept some useful sized plastic containers? If the plastic containers are sized to be common and cheap, it might be easy to crash 'em and buy new ones at a big box store. Farm & Fleet sells nice tough feed bins in various sizes.
No, I am not a KLR rider. But I do like that down&dirty, proven-tough, post-apocaliptical look as it wards off those pretentious GS clowns. Kitty Litter panniers with a cuppla ADV stickers looks like useful pretty good fun to me.
Used a kitty litter lid for the front number plate on an old Yamaha IT175, painted it yellow to match the side plates, worked great. We named that bike "Cat Scratch Fever"
What would John Penton do?
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