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Originally Posted by Steve in Santa Fe View Post
Quick question. My DR 650 has Michelin Anakee's with about 1/2 life. Great on highway, but durn scary in dirt roads and gravel.
What is the lowest pressure to run on forest roads to get some bite etc and still have sufficient pressure to ride highway speeds back home?

Good tire pressure can vary between riders, terrain, sidewall stiffness, bikes, etc. You really need to experiment to find what works best for YOU, on the terrain YOU ride, with the bike YOU ride, with the tires YOU have. Anything we say will just be a guideline/anecdote.

Carry a small pump and a pressure gauge. My tiny mtn bike pump airs up both of my DR650SE tires for the road without an issue. I also have a 12V pump when I'm feeling lazy.

I'd swap those tires for something that fits your riding, then sell them to somebody who runs pavement all the time. I like running a cheap long-lasting dualsport tire in the rear (K761), with a cheap dirtier tire up front (Shinko 244 or AMS Sand Snake MX, depending on pavement %age I foresee). The 244 seems to do well enough on anything not soft, and seems to last quite a while. The Sand Snake is squirrely on pavement and wears quicker, understandably, but it grabs in the soft stuff like crazy. Many DOT knobs probably last a bit longer, and may even perform almost as well offroad, but they also tend to cost more than $22. I don't ride it like an SM on pavement (braking, turning, etc.) and I feel that I more than get my money's worth before they're done.
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