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Just a quick update for those interested in the Erzberg suspension thing...........

I measured up the oil level in the forks the other day .90mm from top
Book says 120mm to 150mm .advice was all WP forks run best at about 120/125mm

I set the level at 120mm from top

rear spring is a fairly heavy spring and was set at 30mm race........reset to 70mm race

Just came back from a quick spin around the neighbourhood .(and on a SE 950 it is a quick spin)..
finally it feels like a dirt bike ..............the front actually has some drop under brakes and I can get some weight on the front wheel........could probably manage a stoppie if I tried..........

I can also get both tippy toes on the ground whislt ...mount the bike easier.

when I first bought the bike it was downright dangerous..........the forks were too high in the tripples and everything was too was a shocker...........

anyway it feels a lot lot better just after a quick spin around the block ............and yes i might go and rip those baffles out today as well.

also for those interested in how the wrist is healing .....went and got a heap of xrays and CT scan the other day .....
looks like the liagament on the top side of the thumb is not attached and causing hyperextension of the thumb and little strength when gripping things .......booked in Jan for an op to tighten things up.......


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Thanks again Emu, Ozz and Kev

been thinking about the whole Erzberg suspension thing and what it would take for me to comfortably run with the pack.....
Watching the vid has confirmed how the bike felt, the front springs are too heavy (and I hate to admit it but I weigh 100kg dry) the front simply would not dive enough under brakes for the geometry to take over and put extra weight on the front wheel.........there was a whole lot of skills I couldn't use as I couldn't weigh the front wheel and also put the bike into a tighter steering geometry.............after having two TM's which have the best suspension/geomerty of any dirtbike on the market bar none...........its a bit of a shock.

and the rear spring which I assume is standard is too soft and felt as such over the limestone geeups (I just made that word up) was good to get some air on the big girl and landing was generally fine, but it became apparent that once the spring tension was overcome the valving on full compression was lacking, (front suspension) after talking with Kev and Con later I realize KTM have just taken the suspension from the "smaller/lighter" bikes and just put in heavier front springs and left it at that.

the smooth linear power with is the saving grace, wind the throttle on and all is forgiven.

rear spring is WP 140-215
I had the front preload wound right off and comp on 2 clicks

anyway Iam just putting my thoughts out there to help current and future Erzberg owners.

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