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Originally Posted by whitham_wannabe View Post
I think there is some level of BS, err, confusion in this whole debate, when discussing any sort of off pavement riding.

To the question of whether it is better to have 2wd or not ... of course it is better.
To the question of whether it is better to have reverse or not ... of course it is better.

I think for people to say that 2wd or reverse isn't needed is a little churlish. If there were a 2wd / reverse system out there that cost a couple of hundred bucks, that we could bolt to our bikes in twenty minutes and that didn't mess up our rig's other qualities, we would all have one.

The problem is that there is really only one viable option for getting these capabilities and the debate of whether people are prepared to 'put up with' the perceived shortcomings of the Russian solution is a subject for an entirely different thread.

So Claude, when you come up with a $200 2wd and reverse solution for the R100, sign me up!
Originally Posted by CBRider View Post
I've never ridden a bike with a sidecar, but have a growing interest in getting one soon. Been riding motorcycles since the early 1970s. I'm thinking about a Ural, primarily because they have a reverse gear. I don't want to start another debate over the reliability or maintenance requirements of a Ural, there are plenty of threads here on that subject. I can handle working on my own bike.

What I am not sure of is how important 2 wheel drive is. I'll be riding a lot of small county roads, many will be dirt/gravel, but not real steep or rocky. Also I will occasionally head out to the Big Bend area. I think a reverse gear is important, but how about 2 wheel drive? Will I regret getting a hack with single drive?

Any input is appreciated...
A coupla lowly 1-wheel drives...

To once again answer the OP's original question:
Originally Posted by EvilClown View Post
Not very and no.

Momentum is your friend. With the conditions you describe, even that won't be necessary.

Pull the trigger and don't look back.

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