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App load times is something I've seen others write about, In the few minutes I played with one of these, I didn't see anything to complain about. I wonder, are you expecting desktop speeds out of this thing, or are you compating to a similar device?

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Micrsoft store today, it was empty of customers, the sales geeks let me play with a surface and though I was impressed by the stoutness of build, the display seemed slow and there was quite a bit of waiting do for apps to start. I am not sure if it is capable of doing what I want; taking pictures of various electronic devices and making stylus written notes about them on the pic's themselves and in writing space below and then later converting that handwriting to text and manipulating that text. I know I am not asking for much. Stopped by the apple store right afterwards, it was mobbed, apple sure seems to have something going on. I picked up a galaxy tab with stylus from costco, if I can't it do what I want in 90 days, I get to take it back for a full refund.

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