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Originally Posted by De250r View Post
Good thread so far. Ill keep watching the progress as its a bike that has been keeping my interest lately. Did u ride the bike at all stock to get a baseline. It's good to know about the ecu upgrade also. Is it hard to reg in your state.
Good luck and enjoy. R u winter locked for the next 4-5 months like I

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I did ride a '12 model prior to buying mine but it was derestricted also. I owned an '05 model and it was a pooch until you opened it up and it was hard to start as it was jetted very lean. The MSO on the new model states 24 horse power (in restricted form)! It should be closer to 50hp when it is uncorked. I know YZs are around 56 but they have hotter cams and less restrictive exhaust. Fortunately, I am in peak riding season here as I live in the deep south. But, when you are riding it will be 100 degrees with 100% humidity here! Maybe you can do a little snowmobiling to take the edge off?
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