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heres what i carry: but its not a full kit so don't rely just on this:

guerrilla grip metric allen key kit
10mm-14mm small socket set: (pep-boys for approx $2)
one small 3/8" drive ratchet
spare front tube (in a real jam you can use the 21" on the rear temporarily to get you out to civilization)
patch kit
tire irons
spark plug socket and small extension
high output head lamp
2' length of 12g wire and wire stripper
mini sports-ball hand pump
spare clutch/throttle cables (as of last weekend)
Home cheap-o multi bit screw-driver (extra compact size)
aluminum water bottle with water (if you run out of gas, your buddy can fill this up with his petcock fuel line to get you a splash, or the water for radiator issues, or just to have a trailside drink)

Im def forgetting some things, but this is what i can think of off the top of my head without walking out to the shed

this is my basic day trip in the woods survival kit, just about everything fits in my wolfman tank bag. I strap the water bottle on the back fender with a few bungees and towels so i can grab it quick.
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