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A short stint of gravel then itís back up into the twisty trails. Some corners were somewhat technical and required momentum otherwise you would sink in the moon dust.

I find a nice spot to stop for a picture on the downhill switch backs and wait for the group to catch up.

Looking uphill.


I wait for much longer than I think I should. The last intersection wasnít that far back when I saw Todd.

I wait and wait.

Finally able to connect with Dave on the radio (25 mile range radios in the mountains can be reduced to a half a mile or less). Heís a couple miles behind me and tells me a couple riders took a wrong turn somewhere.

Todd finally shows up.

Turns out he had missed a turn that I thought he saw me make. My bad. I should have had confirmation (hand wave, head nod) before continuing.

Back on track we drop down to a connector road. Itís after 11 already and we need to turn back and head toward Silver Lake. Not enough time to finish the rest of the 40 miles of wide track. Next time.

We turn north, cross the Rogue River and follow a single track along National Creek. Fun, fast riding. Here are several video clips.

The trail opens up and we blast through the forest roads.

And stop to take a break by Lake West.

This is where Dave discovers he has a stick in the radiator fan of the KLR. Gear to run the fan is toasted so the motor continued to run without actually cooling the motor.

That doesnít stop the mighty KLR so we motor on.

Heading northeast we cross highway 230 with a view of Mt. Thielsen in the distance.

And up close.

A few miles more and itís lunch time at South Shore Pizza.

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