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I wanted to give a shout out to Mike Shaner from mtechsales dot com.

^ I hope this isn't considered spam. If it is, mods please let me know and I will nuke this post.

Mtechsales is who I have bought all my JD2 items from. I sent Mike an email whining about the DO3 valve on the hydraulic pump being packed full of metal shavings and what I went through to fix it. 5 minutes after firing off the email, my home phone is ringing. No kidding. It's Mike. I was just venting and didn't really expect a call or a response email for that matter.

He told me he would contact his suppliers and see what happened.

He calls again today (I wasn't home) and also emails me. He offers me a $50 gift card to any steakhouse of my choice, or an $80 credit towards future purchases. There are quite a few bender shoes I'd like to have, so I choose the credit.

I was really blown away with Mike's customer service. It's something that just doesn't happen anymore. I'm sure you all know what I mean. I was happy that he took the time to call, but to offer what he did was icing on the cake for me. I told Mike that I would be back again and again for more JD2 goodies as time and money allows.

I was throughly impressed and just thought I'd share...
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