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Huehuetenango to Coban

There are only 2 kinds of bikes: Ones that have been down and ones that are going down! Mine is now in the former!!

Let me start with what an amazing ride I had wreck included. I left Huehue about 8:30 to overcast skies and cool temps. Ok with with me as long as it is just overcast.

Huehue Hotel-Royal Park about 16 bucks and pretty nice.

I took a road that my GPS called 7W through Uspantan to Coban and beyond was the plan. The morining started with some cool small towns and so many tight 2nd and 3rd gear corners I thought I would have to get my boots resoled by the end of the day!! I kept trying to find a spot to get a great pic of the corners descending one mountain then ascending another but it was tight turns with lots of blind spots.

Some of the great views and terrian

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Then it was time to slow down and turn off the ABS. Lots of small landslides. Im loving this!! Just clear a lane and the road is all good!

If this guy has go it, then no prob.

Dont worry about this. Its only about 15 feet deep. Way better than the ones that go off the side of the entire mountain.

And its well marked. haha These are the days that I know I have the right machine

Then I got this

Pretty rough terrain but dry and solid ground. I was a little worried about a puncture some the rocks were gnarly.

Another great day off the beaten path and away from the grind. One step closer to my ADV merit badge.

Shortly after this it started to rain and I got to some pretty greasy clay. Never put her down. There were some people(mostly kids) repairing the road with shovels and whatever tool they could find. They would wave at me so I would wave back. Then later I figured out they wanted money for their work. oops

Where I was headed.

The rain held off until I had less than 10k of dirt left. It had rained there earlier but not enough to make it to treacherous. It really started to come down just outside of Coban. I got this pic when I was putting on my rain gear. I almost called it a day but I thought I will just go north real easy for an hour or two.

My whip looking tough after a great morning of riding.

And then the next thing that I did was say OH F#*! OH F%#* OH F*%! 3 times out load. Then this!!!

I came around a not very sharp corner a little fast. I gently tapped the rear break(because it was raining) and the thing locked and then skid time. I immeadiatley let offf the brakes and started doing my own ABS. Not getting a lot of repsonse. In hind sight I should have probably just stayed on the brakes and let the bike ABS do its thing but once they locked I went into old habits. I also not sure it would have done much because that roads was like grease. I was crusing about 45-50 ( a little too fast) and not sure I slowed much before I hit the grass. All I could see coming was a concrete drainage ditch. All I could think is OH KNOW MY FRONT FORKS ARE GOING TO BE TRASHED!! I pinned the throttle and tried to get the front light. I am sure it had little to no effect. But thats what I did. And rode that thing to the ground until I got bucked off!

Here you can see the drainage and also that I hemmed my riding pants but not the rain liners!

My route to the soft dirt berm.

My divet. I did not replace it.

The corner. Nothing crazy. Dirt spot to the right is from me.

For all you guys the very first thing I did after I wrecked...grabbed my camera!!!
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