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Originally Posted by Mikef5000 View Post
Boo hiss for ancient air cooled and carbed motor and 5 speed tranny. But I truly am shocked how light it is (although it'd be another ~20 pounds more once you put a decent size fuel tank on there.

Honest, non-smartassed question... Why is it that this bike is so unsung/under appreciated? Considering the vast reach of the klr and dr.
Yup, Buildit said it - the XRL is arguably the best of the three in terms of "do all" capability, but it's priced high enough to be the outlier. Needs a better transmission (low gears are all goofy) and a stronger subframe, but every bike has its downsides...even those orange bikes that everyone gets butthurt if you criticize.

I never had one ounce of problems out of my XRL's water pump.

I loved mine, I will own another someday, maybe real soon.
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