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The stock map on the EXC's will not 'see' the map switches. The Aus map will use them, I don't know about the Euro maps.

The lowest and most mild HP is with the stock map. The Aus map with the Mild map plug is more aggressive than stock.

The 350 is a very fast bike and I'd guess that off road just as fast as the 500, but you'd have to rev it almost 2-3000 rpm more to get the same moto-vation. If you are an aggressive rider and have a small dirtbike background, you'd like the 350 and the 11 less pounds.

The 500 is easier to ride in most conditions. It has a nice soft throttle just off idle and the power builds very predictably. On the road it is way better than the 350. Crusing at 55, the 350 will not pick up speed by just twisting on the throttle, you must downshift. Off-road the 350 would potentially be faster on very rough terrain. Except for the engines, these are the same bike, same handling, same suspension, same transmission ratios.

I waffled between these two bikes for a while. If I rode more off-road, single track 90% of the time and very little road and no pavement, it would have been the 350. If I wasn't a lazy rider that didn't like to shift or rev engines, or maybe 30 years younger, it would have been the 350.

Now I'm waiting for my 350 Freeride to get in the USA.

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anyone have experience with the map switch?

I am trying to decide between the 500 and the 350, but i feel like in the long run i would want more power. However, in tight tracks i feel like the 500 may have too much power.

If the map switch on the low setting dials down the power to usable in tight situations then i would def. be set on the 500.

any help would be greatly appreciated!
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