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Arrived at KTM Powersports around 1:30pm and started shopping for tires. After looking over the available selection, I decided to finish the trip on my d606. Tom on the other hand didn't want to risk the next 1300 miles on the upcoming rock gardens, so he picked up a new front and rear, forgot model but wasn't the rally raid he wanted...

Apparently Powersports service was backed up today, and couldn't promise a tire install by closing. Not wanting to wait around, we shuttled across the street to SportMotos. They immediately started working on the job. Good folks...We walked down to subway to get out of the heat and have a bite while waiting.

BackCountryCruizer is one happy camper w/fresh tires

Looking good, back on the road leaving Pocatello by 3:30pm. Quick stop for gas then exit town. Should be able to get west towards Sawtooth NF and find a cool place to camp.

But then, I really started to feel like crap.

Remember the spaghetti from the night before? Well, I had been tasting grease all day and knew something wasn't working right. For self preservation reasons, I asked Tom if we could lay up in a hotel tonight. He said no problem, so we checked into the inexpensive Thunderbird motel on 5th.

The entire evening was a blur. My body started a jet powered fluid purge like you wouldn't believe. For the next 7 hours I was one with the . Can't imagine what Tom was thinking since we shared a two bed hotel room. Around 11pm with my life energy fading, I called a taxi for a trip up to the new Portneuf emergency room to get checked out. I was getting a bit worried.

Long story short, turns out my liver functions were off the charts. The doc said I most likely have gallbladder problem (aka gallstones)...WTF ...we're only halfway on our bike trip. The doc ordered up an IV to rehydrate, and some imaging the next day after the lab opens. Turned out the country doc and RN both had their gallbladders removed recently. I felt normal again after a couple liters of fluid intake, so was discharged and returned back to the hotel.

Next morning, I rode the bike back over to Portneuf for a 8am ultrasound and doc consult. The image tech said with a smile that I had a couple really big stones. The doc said I should schedule a visit with my primary when I get home, but not to worry I should be able to finish the trip. He recommended just stay away from fatty and spicy foods.

Can't say enough about the excellent staff at Portneuf that took care of me, big thanks

Not exactly how I wanted to remember day 5 and the cool town of Pocatello

Day 5 conclusion 132 miles, 981 total

Next up Pocatello to Rogerson ID
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